HUDSON - A charity web site with ties to Indiana is looking to raise money to keep the Hudson Fire Department from closing. Chive Charities, co-founded by Fort Wayne native John Resig, will launch a "flash campaign" Tuesday after a visit by Resig to the fire department.

Rescue Lieutenant Justin Pence says the department is at risk of closing due to city-level financial troubles which have caused a budget shortfall of tens of thousands of dollars. Pence reached out to Resig, who he said "stepped up" to help the department.

"Their roof is caving in. Their equipment is terribly outdated," said Resig, who also serves as president of Chive Charities' parent company, Resignation Media. "Now we'd like to come back, to return to our roots and help these guys get back on their feet. A community of this size can't and shouldn't go without fire and EMS protection."

Resig will visit the Hudson Fire Department late Tuesday afternoon to donate $5,000. After the visit, the "flash" campaign will begin where those who wish to donate can do so online at Resig's website, 

Chive Charities has launched numerous fundraising campaigns, resulting in the donation of hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few hours. The organization's web site says it focuses on raising money for "individuals with rare medical conditions, disabled veterans and first responders in need of quality of life enhancements, underfunded special needs education initiatives, and organizations that provide emergency assistance and disaster relief." 

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