JEFFERSONVILLE - The Louisville & Indiana Railroad Co. is celebrating the completion of a new trans-load terminal. Construction of the $2.5 million Dutch Lane Yard has finished after eight months of work.

The company says the Dutch Lane Yard has the ability to provide truck-to-rail, rail-to-truck warehouse serves to the area. It also allows for the transportation of materials including coiled steel, grain and soft drink materials to be loaded and unloaded for distribution.

Crews worked to clear 30 acres of overgrown shrubbery and trees to allow for the construction of three tracks. John Goldman, president of Louisville & Indiana Railroad Co., says they have enough room to add an additional five tracks in the future, allowing for the storage of nearly 120 rail cars.

"We have a first class facility here, primarily for trans-loading, that is much needed in the area to support Kentuckiana," said Goldman. "We were able to get multiple entities together between the customer, the railroad, the track construction crews and the crews that cleared out the vegetation to make this happen. To do something this quickly, it could not have happened without the collaboration of all parties involved."

The company says with the Dutch Lane Yard completed, Louisville-based Lubriziol Advanced Materials will be able to move a portion of its operations to Jeffersonville. No details were released on when that move may happen.