RISING SUN - AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is once again expanding its coverage in Indiana. The company has launched 4G LTE service in Rising Sun, as part of its ongoing rollout throughout the area.

AT&T has also enhanced the cell site in Rising Sun with extra 4G LTE capacity. The enhancement will result in faster and more reliable mobile Internet speeds, according to the company.

"Fast, reliable Internet is so crucial to what Rising Sun’s residents and businesses try to accomplish every day," said Rep. Randy Frye (R-67), a member of the Indiana House Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee. "It’s great to see this continued investment by AT&T in communities like ours around the state."

The company has boosted its 4G LTE presence throughout Indiana over the past several months. Last month, AT&T expanded its coverage by adding a new cell tower just south of Nineveh.