INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis-based Wood-Mizer LLC is adding to its portfolio of wood processing equipment. The company has announced the acquisition of the wood splitter product line from Minnesota-based Tempest Wood Splitters Inc.

Wood-Mizer specializes in the manufacture of portable sawmills, among other products. The company is now offering the wood splitting equipment, starting with fully-portable units and later expanding into other types.

"Wood-Mizer is continuously dedicated to providing our customers with a variety of high-quality wood processing equipment," said Wood-Mizer COO Darryl Floyd. "Our new line of wood splitting equipment offers our customers yet another resourceful tool to efficiently and profitably process wood into another useful and marketable end product."

Josh Larabee, co-founder of Tempest Wood Splitters, says he looks forward to seeing his products grow through Wood-Mizer's high-quality distribution network.