INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana State Board of Education has detailed funding awarded through its Charter School Grant and Loan Program. The effort provides charter schools $500 per student for capital, transportation and technology upgrades.

The program was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence as part of the state budget. It aims to bridge what supporters call a funding gap between charter schools and traditional public schools, which receive local property tax revenue for that type of project.

Charter schools that receive an A-C school accountability grade, primarily serve special needs students, are in their first or second year of operation or are part of an innovation network automatically apply for the funding.

The board will award the grants in two parts: the first coming immediately based on this school year's projected enrollment, and the other to come after the official fall enrollment count. In all, the state expects to award more than $10 million to charter schools this fall.

You can see a spreadsheet with eligible schools and estimated grants by clicking here.