Employers: Expect a Latte Organizing This Year

After decades of declining numbers, organized labor has achieved a flurry of notable organizing successes so far in 2022, including in businesses and industries previously ignored by union organizers. A quick Google search reveals workers at a number of high-profile businesses opting for union representation, including Starbucks, Apple, Conde Nast, Amazon, and, yes, even Google itself! ... Read More

Returning to Work: Can Employers Still Require Doctors’ Notes from Employees Who Test Positive for COVID-19?

Students of Greek mythology will recall the story of Scylla and Charybdis, two monsters in Homer’s Odyssey that patrolled the uncharted waters of the western Mediterranean, forcing travelers caught between them to choose which unpleasant alternative they wished to confront. During the uncharted waters of the past month, employers find themselves caught between their own […]... Read More

Workplace Courage in The #MeToo Age

The question “am I my brother's keeper?” is the classic example in western tradition of someone attempting to deflect personal responsibility for bad behavior. Applying that ancient question...... Read More