Two of Indiana's most prominent women entrepreneurs say taking chances and overcoming personal challenges led to their success. Indianapolis-based Angie's List Inc. (Nasdaq: ANGI) Founder Angie Hicks and Patachou Inc. Owner Martha Hoover say they had to step out of their comfort zones to pitch their businesses to investors and customers. Both also say they made business decisions to ensure work-family balance. Hicks and Hoover discussed their paths to success on Inside INdiana Business Television as part of our focus on women entrepreneurs in the state. Hicks says her direct sales skills “weren't so good” in 1995 when she began Angie's List in Ohio straight out of college. She says going door-to-door to sell the service was a “character-building experience.”

Hoover had never worked in the restaurant business when she began Patachou, and faced an additional challenge because she founded her business not knowing that she was pregnant with her first child.

Hicks says the key to proper work-life balance is to “figure out what's important,” and realize there will never be a “super-human” who can handle both perfectly.

Patachou Inc. recently announced plans to open 20 new restaurants by 2020, primarily in shopping centers. The company owns Caf? Patachou, Napolese and Petit Chou restaurants.

Source: Inside INdiana Business

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