The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization is allocating more than $7 million in federal grants for projects in Westfield. Nearly half of the funding will be used for the proposed Monon Bridge over State Road 32.

December 18, 2014

News Release

Westfield, Ind. — Today the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization voted unanimously to allocate more than $7 million in Federal grants to Westfield projects.

The IMPO awarded $3.3 million to be used for the proposed Monon Bridge over SR 32. The grant money will be used for the construction of the approved design.

“These Federal dollars will help build a missing piece of the Monon in Westfield,” explains Mayor Andy Cook. “The trail system is one of the main reasons families are moving to Westfield. The city wants to continue to build families, by connecting the community and this pedestrian bridge will help us reach our goal of being a family inviting community.”

“The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization is excited to see the project move forward. As a regionally significant project it scored highly,” says IMPO Executive Director Anna Gremling. “This project provides safe passage for pedestrian and bikers over State Road 32 creating more connections that will allow people between Hamilton County and the Indianapolis area to travel to Westfield and visit their renowned Grand Park sports facility. We look forward to working with Westfield now and in the future as they continue to grow.”

The IMPO also granted the city an additional $2 million to be used toward building a roundabout at 186th Street and Spring Mill Road. The intersection is in the process of be analyzed, but city officials anticipate a pedestrian friendly roundabout will be needed to handle the high traffic congestion in that area.

The remaining dollars will be slated for future projects.

Source: City of Westfield

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