Fort Wayne-based Microtech Welding Corp. is planning to invest $540,000 into growing its Allen County operation. The company currently employs 19 people and has an additional facility in Warsaw. August 22, 2013

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Microtech Welding Corp., with operations in Warsaw and Fort Wayne, announced plans today to invest in its facility at 3601 Focus Drive in Fort Wayne. The 7,500 sq. ft. facility will be expanded to create an additional 4,400 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

The facility has reached full capacity and in order to keep up with customer demand, the company will expand its operations again.

“Our expansion will allow us to better serve our customers growing needs and keep us on the forefront of welding technology,” stated Robert Christman, CEO of Microtech Welding Corp.

The building expansion will allow Microtech Welding to make additional investments in equipment. The company plans to purchase a new CNC laser welder and work station. In total, the company's $540,000 investment will require it to hire at least one additional welder bringing its total headcount to 19 people.

“We continue to see positive momentum and business growth in our community,” said Mayor Henry. “We're encouraged that companies are choosing to expand in Fort Wayne. A thriving business climate in our City positions us for future success and new jobs.”

The company and the Alliance have requested approval of a tax phase-in for both real and personal property. The Fort Wayne City Council will consider this request in September. Started in 1998, Microtech Welding Corp. is a Fort Wayne-based company providing precision microscopic and laser welding services to the biomedical device and tooling industries. The company anticipates increased sales as it will be better able to service its customers with the additional capacity and new technology.

About Microtech Welding Corp.

Microtech Welding Corp. was founded in 1997 and Incorporated in early 1998. This operation is a departure from the traditional welding shops. Instead of an industrial style welding shop, we operate more like a laboratory. We are experiencing increasing growth in the biomedical industry. We also service the automotive manufacturing and aerospace industries. To learn more about Microtech Welding Corp., visit

About Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

Greater Fort Wayne Inc. is the new organization that unifies the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance and the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, serving as a single point of contact for economic growth in Greater Fort Wayne. Together, we're growing a more prosperous, vibrant community in Greater Fort Wayne. To learn more about Greater Fort Wayne Inc., visit

Source: Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

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