The co-founder of a seed stage venture fund says central Indiana's startup sector is going through a “remarkable transformation.” Kristian Andersen with Gravity Ventures says the organization is seeing an uptick in early-stage tech companies and a higher startup success rate. He says the growth makes Indianapolis a “terrific backdrop” for this week's Gravity Ventures Summit, which is bringing together investors and executives from the organization's funds across Indiana and Arkansas. Gravity Ventures says it has invested more than $3 million in 22 companies since it launched. The organization says the support has spurred millions of dollars in additional investment.

Andersen says he isn't sure there is any other city currently experiencing the startup success of Indianapolis. He says if an entrepreneur wants to start a business that services other businesses, “this is the city you should start your business in.”

The Gravity Ventures Summit runs through Tuesday. Andersen says the event will be held yearly, and will alternate between Indianapolis and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Source: Gravity Ventures

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