More than 1,000 square feet of co-working space at the Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana has been revamped. The Purdue Research Foundation also says affiliate and tenant companies now have 24/7 access to the space. June 12, 2014

News Release

MERRILLVILLE, Ind. – Purdue Research Foundation officials have revamped more than 1,000 square feet of co-working space in the Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana and extended 24/7 access to officials of affiliate and tenant companies.

The co-working space opened in 2013 in the technology center, 9800 Connecticut Drive, Crown Point. Dan Hasler, president and chief entrepreneurial officer of Purdue Research Foundation, which manages the center, said its immediate success led to making the space available to tenants and affiliates as well.

“The co-working space has been vital in strengthening the entrepreneurial environment in the center,” he said. “The subscribers quickly became part of an established community of creative, entrepreneurial individuals at the center. It made sense to offer our valued tenants and affiliates this same resource.”

The common area space features Wi-Fi connectivity, two portable flat screen TVs that users can remote into, six training tables, cubes, leather couches and chairs, hi-top tables and more.

Ursula Saqui of Saqui Research LLC said the co-working space provides an added dimension to a company.

“The co-working space is a great place to get out of your office for a brainstorming meeting with colleagues, a change of pace from your everyday surroundings, or a small gathering of clients,” she said. “With tables, comfortable chairs and wireless Internet, it offers a nice space that is easily adaptable to your needs.”

About Purdue Research Park

The Purdue Research Park is the largest university-affiliated business incubation complex in the country. The Purdue Research Park manages the Purdue Technology Centers in four sites in Indiana located in West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Merrillville and New Albany. The more than 260 companies located in the park network employ about 4,500 people who earn an average annual wage of $63,000. The park is managed by the Purdue Research Foundation, which received the 2014 Incubator Network of the Year by the National Business Incubator Association for its work in entrepreneurship. For more information about funding and investment opportunities in startups based on a Purdue innovation, contact the Purdue Foundry at foundry@prf.orgSource: Purdue Research Park

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