Fort Wayne-based Sweetwater Sound Inc. says its new $750,000 digital billboard can serve to welcome visitors to the city and promote regional organizations and events. It was built by Graycraft Signs Plus of Warsaw and the company says it is the largest of its kind in the state. Sweetwater Sound provided the following details of the project:

-For three years this sign was in the design stages. Once the green light was given it took 10 weeks to complete the project from start to finish.

-Each Watchfire message center size is 15″ high x 27″ wide and weights 7500 lbs. each. The overall structure size is 26' high x 35' wide.

-466,560 pixels, and 1.4 million individual LEDs

-Color spectrum is 73.7 quintillion colors

-If this were a home tv, 50 inches would look pretty small, since this one is over 370 inches

-This is the largest high-definition, 12mm Watchfire digital message board in the state of Indiana, offering exceptional image quality and vivid colors that are remarkable in their advertising capability for Sweetwater as well as the Fort Wayne community.

-With US 30 as the gateway to the City of Fort Wayne this state of the art digital message center, second to none in size and shape, will welcome visitors to the area and promote northeast Indiana's organizations and events.

About Sweetwater Sound

Sweetwater began business 35 years ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is the country’s most respected dealer in high-technology equipment for musicians, recording studios, and broadcasters – from microphones and digital recording systems to electric guitars to electronic keyboards and electronic drums. Sweetwater customers range from beginners to rock stars. The company’s equipment can be found in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville recording studios, TV and radio stations all across the country, as well as in tens of thousands of home recording studios nationwide. Sweetwater is built on a commitment to the highest level of customer service in the music technology industry. For further information visit

Source: Sweetwater Sound Inc.

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