Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewing Co. is celebrating a milestone as Indiana's craft beer industry continues its explosive growth. Sun King began brewing beer five years ago today. Co-founder and President Omar Robinson says the company is running out of production space to keep pace with demand. He hopes to find a location in Indiana to open a second factory to brew more beer. The company also hopes to begin distilling its own brand of liquor. Omar Robinson is president of Sun King Brewing Company. He is one of four founding owners who launched their beer in July 2009, so he has firsthand experience of industry's rapid growth.

The Brewers of Indiana Guild reports there are more than 70 operating breweries in the state. However, the growth spurt is not unique to Indiana brewers, customer demand is also growing.

Sun King credits a push to buy fresh and local for helping propel Indiana craft brewers to success.

Source: Sun King Brewing Co.

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