Nearly 125 workers are affected by a Florida company's decision to close a plant in Elkhart. Our partners at Fox 28 in South Bend report employees were “blindsided” Monday when Monaco Towable RV closed without notice. It is owned by Florida-based Allied Specialty Vehicles, which says it has decided to exit the RV Towable Market. Employees will receive severance pay later this month and will keep their health insurance through April 10.

A company spokesman tells Fox 28 a division that had been in Elkhart recently moved to Florida and much of the RV division is now in Decatur.

The decision to close in Elkhart affects 85 full time and roughly 40 temporary workers, who had been told they would eventually become permanent employees.

Workers have been told they will receive a check for 60 days of pay as severance on February 28th and they will be able to keep their insurance through April 10.

Source: Fox 28

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