The Rescue Mission in Fort Wayne has launched a training effort. The organization says the Workforce Readiness Program will help people staying in one of the mission's shelters improve their job searching and interviewing skills.

November 7, 2013

News Release

Fort Wayne, Ind. — On November 7, 2013, The Rescue Mission will officially kick off its Workforce Readiness Program in conjunction with volunteers who specialize in Human Resources. The program will help homeless individuals who are staying in The Rescue Mission's shelters develop skills in filling out job applications and in interviewing for positions.

The project has been several months in the making. “It started with a desire to make our residents not only more educated and equipped to handle online application processes, but also better informed about what employers are looking for when looking at applications,” says Toni Lovell, Chief Program Officer for The Rescue Mission. “With the help of several volunteers who are highly trained in Human Resources, it has evolved into something much more enriching.”

Today, volunteers will be hosting a seminar and working with residents to complete real applications and then critique the completed applications, offering feedback and constructive criticism to participants. Following today’s kick off seminar, the volunteers will continue to follow up in “lunch and learn” style sessions to assist with helping the homeless to develop outstanding resumes and become proficient in interviewing skills.

For now, the program is available to women residing at Charis House, a ministry of The Rescue Mission. As the program develops, The Rescue Mission’s goal is to extend this program to men residing at Restoration House, as well.

Key Ministries:

The Rescue Mission is comprised of four subsidiary programs in Fort Wayne:

Life House (72 beds): Immediate Housing Program provides basic needs and spiritual support to men facing a homeless crisis. Community Meals Program provides three nutritious meals daily to its residents and to the public. Meals are served at 7 a.m., noon and 5 p.m. daily.

Restoration House (40 beds): Short- and Long-Term residential programs meeting spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs of men facing a homeless crisis.

Charis House (78 beds): Short- and Long-Term residential programs meeting spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs of women and children facing a homeless crisis.

Treasure House: The Rescue Mission’s thrift store (formerly known as Bargains Galore).

Proceeds from the store help to fund The Rescue Mission’s programs.

About The Rescue Mission

After 110 years of evolution and adaptation, The Rescue Mission remains steadfast in its mission to “provide, through the power of Jesus Christ, a home for the homeless, food for the hungry, and hope for their future.” In partnership with the caring businesses, agencies, churches and individuals in the Fort Wayne area, The Rescue Mission remains committed to serving the community and those in greatest need. For more information or to make a donation, visit

Source: The Rescue Mission

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