The general manager of Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun says the riverboat casino needs to move to dry land in order to stay viable. Eagle 99.3 in Lawrenceburg reports Steve Jiminez is lobbying the Indiana General Assembly in hopes of drumming up support for a possible new facility. He says its current boat, which is nearly 20 years-old, is expensive to maintain and offers a constraining setup that is cutting into earning potential.

Jiminez also tells Eagle 99.3, competition from new and upgraded gaming facilities in nearby Cincinnati have put a major dent in revenue.

Approximately 600 people work for Rising Star, making it Ohio County's largest employer.

In August, the casino reported to the Indiana Gaming Commission just under $4.5 million in revenue, down from $5.7 million during the same month in 2013.

Leaders are expected to meet twice more with legislators next month.

Source: Eagle 99.3

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