Purdue University has received grants totaling more than $650,000. The College of Education will use the Math and Science Partnership Program funding for projects with several school districts in communities including Benton and Carroll counties, Avon and Frankfort. March 12, 2015

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University's College of Education has received three grants through the Math and Science Partnership Program.

MSP is a federal competitive grant program administered by states. It is designed to encourage universities and local school corporations to partner in activities that increase the knowledge and teaching skills of math and science teachers.

Purdue will partner with:

-Avon School Corp. on BOILER STEM to prepare teachers to deliver engaging, integrated STEM learning experiences. The goals are to prepare students in grades three to eight to master the Indiana standards in mathematics and science; provide high-quality STEM postdoctoral and graduate coursework focused on improving teacher content knowledge and attitudes; develop and implement a STEM summer bridge program for students; and develop and implement a student support system offered outside of the regular STEM class. This is a $250,000 grant.

Project leaders are Carla Johnson, professor of science education and associate dean for engagement and global affairs, and Selcen Guzey, assistant professor of science education.

-Benton County and Carroll County school corporations to establish professional development programs in integrated STEM education for middle and high school science teachers. The goals are to increase teacher science content knowledge and skills using integrated STEM practices; provide professional development on effective practices, engineering design-based instruction, and inquiry to be used in science instruction; improve teachers' skills in developing design-based STEM lessons and curriculum modules; and provide cognitive coaching to teachers on how to implement new teaching materials and methods. This is a $250,000 grant.

Guzey is the project leader. Also on the team from Purdue are Lynn Bryan, professor of science education; Minjung Ryu, assistant professor of science education; Paul Asunda, assistant professor of engineering and technology education; and Drew Ayres, a graduate student in the College of Technology.

-Community Schools of Frankfort and three other university-school district teams in both rural and urban settings on the Creating Algebra Teaching Communities for Hoosiers project. The project will develop professional learning communities spanning grades six to nine that focus on district-level initiatives to enrich teachers' knowledge and skills for teaching algebra, and to improve students' algebraic knowledge, skills and dispositions toward algebra. Purdue will receive $155,700 of a total $641,150 grant.

Source: Purdue University

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