Governor Mike Pence has announced a Blue Ribbon Panel to deal with transportation infrastructure in the state. It will be co-chaired by Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann and Langham Logistics President Cathy Langham. October 10, 2013

News Release

Indianapolis, IN – At the 2013 Indiana Logistics Summit, Governor Mike Pence today announced the assembly of a Blue Ribbon Panel to plan the next generation of transportation infrastructure in Indiana.

“We know that our transportation infrastructure provides Indiana with a dynamic advantage over other states,” said Pence. “With the expertise and recommendations of this Blue Ribbon Panel, Indiana will keep its finger on the pulse of infrastructure innovation and strive to provide businesses and Hoosiers with the most efficient transportation system available,” said Governor Pence.

Governor Pence also discussed three guiding principles for transportation infrastructure, which include: taking care of what we have; finishing what we start; and planning for the future.

The Panel, a priority objective in Pence’s Roadmap for Indiana, will review projects related to all four modes of transportation: water, air, road and rail. Based on a set of metrics they will develop, the Panel will identify a list of priority projects over the course of the next ten years. For the longer term, the group will explore and monitor innovations in transportation infrastructure to keep Indiana on the cutting edge.

Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann and Cathy Langham, President of Langham Logistics, will co-chair the Panel. Additional members of the Panel will be announced in the coming weeks.Source: Office of the Indiana Governor

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