The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has announced Music Director Krzysztof Urbanski will leave the orchestra in 2021. A search committee comprised of ISO musicians, staff, and board members will be formed to fill his position.

Urbanski first served as music director of the ISO in 2011.

The ISO says Urbanski contributed to record ticket sales, participated in the Kennedy Center’s SHIFT Festival of American Orchestras and nurtured the ISO  versatility.

“In an era when orchestras across the globe are vying for top-tier artistic direction, the ISO has benefited from a decade of stellar leadership from Maestro Urbanski,” said chief executive officer James Johnson in a news release. “Krzysztof’s passion for musical excellence has taken the artistic quality of our orchestra to new heights. His ability to attract musicians of the highest caliber has resulted in the hiring of 19 new musicians – including 7 principal players – who have become ambassadors of our art form in the community. We look forward to two more years of his leadership, including his innovative and engaging programming.”