Construction is underway on a shell building in Wells County. Wells County Economic Development Director Tim Ehlerding says the facility at the Bluffton Decker Industrial Park has already drawn interest from companies as far away as Texas. The project is a collaboration among the city and county, developer Westland Park LLC and builder Briner Buildings.

May 5, 2014

News Release

BLUFFTON, Ind. – The Wells County Commissioners, the City of Bluffton, local developer Westland Park, LLC, and local builder Briner Buildings participated in the groundbreaking of the community's latest economic development initiative within the Bluffton Decker Industrial Park. A 200,000 square foot speculative, or “Spec” building will be constructed in the next 6-9 months, designed specifically to attract new and expanding businesses looking to locate in Wells County.

The event took place at the building site, located approximately 1000' east of the intersection of SR 124 and Lancaster Street in the City of Bluffton.

Wells County, through the County Commissioners, are participating in this effort through the use of County Economic Development Income Taxes, or CEDIT funds. The $150,000 allowance is guaranteed for up to five years, or until the building is sold or leased. The City of Bluffton is also participating through the construction of an acceleration/deceleration lane along Lancaster Street, the road the newest industrial building for the community will be located.

A spec, or speculative building, is constructed as a lure for industries looking to grow or relocate their operations. Typically in today’s economic climate, industries delay decisions for expansion. Once the decision to expand is made, communities that offer a move-in ready building are given a higher ranking in the search process. This 200,000 square foot structure will be the largest spec building to be constructed in the Northeast Indiana region.

“This team effort between Wells County, the City of Bluffton, a Wells County Developer, a Wells County Builder, and Wells County Economic Development is how economic development takes place!” Wells County Economic Development Director Tim Ehlerding said, “Working together, removing those old walls, and rolling up the sleeves is how we move Wells County forward!”

Ehlerding added that inquiries for the building from as far as Texas have already been received by his office. To date, Wells County Economic Development continues to work to fill this new structure.

For more information, please contact Tim Ehlerding, Executive Director, Wells County Economic Development, (260) 824-0510; cell: (260) 307-1115; e-mail:

Source: Wells County Economic Development

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