The New Harmony Town Council is requesting proposals to re-purpose an abandoned school. The Posey County town will accept plans through April on the property that also includes a playground and athletic fields. You can see the request for proposals by clicking here.

January 23, 2015

News Release

New Harmony, Ind. — New Harmony Town Council heard appeal to cease demolition of former New Harmony school. The council voted to accept requests for proposals for plans and ideas to re-purpose the school.

Starting January 15, 2015 through April 10, 2015 New Harmony Town Council will be accepting RFP’s seeking a developer or developers that have plans and resources to develop some or all of the property. New Harmony is rich with history and looking for ways to bring in more residents, tourists, and consumers.

RFPs should be submit by institutions and development firms with experience in re-purposing properties, an idea for re-purposing the school that will stimulate New Harmony’s community economic development, and the resources necessary for the project. The council has provided guidelines and requirements for proposals. In addition to the school, the property includes a playground, an approx. 5 acre baseball field, approx. 13 acres of soccer and softball field, a parking lot and a storage building.

Source: Indiana Association For Community Economic Development

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