An independent toy store in eastern Indiana will soon return to the national spotlight. A crew from NBC's TODAY show will make another visit Tuesday to Veach's Toy Station in Richmond. As part of a revitalization project launched by the program, the store has received advice and assistance with building improvements and marketing plans. The store is celebrating 75 years in business and says crews have already made strides on several upgrades. John Veach is a third-generation owner, and runs the store with his wife Shari.

Shari says the shop is one of the largest brick-and-mortar toy stores in the country.

She says the store strives to be known as experts in family and learning-based toys.

Experts working for the show came to the shop last month to begin improvements.

Veach's says work continues on a new entryway and social media marketing efforts.

Source: Veach's Toy Station

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