An Indiana economic development organization has announced a name change. Montgomery County Economic Development is now Indiana West Advantage Inc. President Jeff Birk says the new branding positions the organization and community “more effectively” in a competitive marketplace. June 2, 2015

News Release

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. – Montgomery County Economic Development (MCED), the community's longstanding economic development organization, today announced that the corporation has officially changed its name to Indiana West Advantage, Inc. (IWA).

IWA President Jeff Birk said “MCED's Board of Directors had committed to a comprehensive rebranding effort that more effectively identifies our community within the highly competitive job growth marketplace.”

“The new name builds on Indiana's internationally positive business reputation while also placing us regionally,” said IWA Vice President and County Councilman Tom Utley. “'Advantage' is the carrot,” said Utley, “it produces that competitive connotation every business is looking for.”

Duke Energy's Regional Economic Development Manager/North Bill Petranoff agreed, “It was the right thing to do and the right time to do it.”

Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton stressed, “our local citizens will soon come to recognize the new name, but with this change we are really reaching beyond our borders to those who have no stake in the names 'Crawfordsville' or 'Montgomery County.'” Barton continued, “we wanted a name that raised our voice above the competitive noise.”

NUCOR general manager Ron Dickerson added, “We vetted over 50 name suggestions but once our naming task force winnowed the options, the board unanimously approved the 'IWA' name choice.”

IWA Executive Director Kristin Clary also unveiled a new logo to support the name change.

“Local marketing consultant Amy Williamson of Blue Marketing, Inc. did a great job going over 100+ logo design bids before delivering just the right creation,” said Utley. “The new logo stresses design elements implying a modern, business savvy partner.”

Summarizing the name change announcement, Director Clary, said “IWA continues to represent the workforce needs of our community's largest employers and the growing economic aspirations of us all. Economic development is serious business and the stakes are large. Indiana West Advantage is a new name that perfectly describes our mission.

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