Twelve Indiana communities will share in nearly $2 million as part of the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s latest round of Blight Elimination Program funding. The organization says about 4,000 blighted and abandoned homes in Indiana will be eliminated through the program.

The funds will come from the $221.7 million Hardest Hit Fund money allocated to Indiana. The money will come in the form of a forgivable loan. The authority estimates, to date, more than 1,500 blighted homes have been demolished through the state’s Blight Elimination Program.

The recipients are

Dearborn County – $111,000
City of Marion – $161,000
City of Richmond – $254,000
City of Bicknell – $251,000
Gibson County – $187,000
City of Austin – $252,000
City of Connersville – $122,000
City of Dunkirk – $97,000
City of Hartford – $198,000
City of Knox – $36,000
City of Montpelier – $18,000
City of Rushville – $176,000

Total – $1,863,000