A coalition opposing a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would further define marriage has added more employers. Freedom Indiana says companies including Bloomington-based Upland Brewing Co. and Fort Wayne Metals have joined the organization.

December 20, 2013

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Freedom Indiana today launched “Employers for Freedom,” a statewide group of job creators opposed to HJR-6, the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would permanently define marriage and would remove existing protections under law for same-sex and unmarried couples and families.

The coalition includes companies that already have announced their opposition to the amendment as well as a new group of employers who believe HJR-6 will harm our economy and ability to recruit top talent.

Freedom Indiana launched in August 2013 with support from Cummins and Eli Lilly and Company. Since then, Emmis Communications, IU Health, the Indy Chamber and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. have publicly signaled their opposition to the amendment.

Today's coalition announcement includes CSO Architects, E&A Companies, Fort Wayne Metals, Liechty Media, One Lucky Guitar/The Good Ones Clothing, Reverie Estates, Road Pictures, Upland Brewing Company and Young & Laramore.

“Some of Indiana's largest, most well known companies have been leading the charge against HJR-6, and we are so grateful for their continued support,” said campaign manager Megan Robertson. “By launching Employers for Freedom, we want to recognize job creators of all sizes and across many industries that believe this amendment is the wrong move for our state. Whether a company employs one Hoosier or a thousand Hoosiers, HJR-6 sends the message that not everyone is welcome here, and that's a huge impediment to growing our economy.”

Employers interested in becoming part of the coalition are encouraged to sign up online atfreedomindiana.org/employers



“Indiana is a welcoming place and a great location to grow a business. Amending our Constitution to include this language would send the message that certain Hoosiers aren't welcome here, and that's a problem for employers who want to recruit the best of the best. This isn't a debate about same-sex marriage. It's a debate about protecting our state's founding document. If we want to keep Indiana moving forward, we need to move beyond this amendment.”


“I fear that the efforts to pass HJR-6 will have a chilling effect on Fort Wayne Metals and many other businesses in Indiana. We need to recruit and retain the most highly educated, the most creative and most talented people from all over the country and around the globe – people who are attracted by an environment that is welcoming and tolerant to all. Unfortunately, the discussions surrounding HJR-6 send the opposite message about our state. This will hurt Indiana businesses – and it will ultimately hurt Hoosiers.”


“Liechty Media is committed to a welcoming and inclusive environment in both our professional relationships and personal lives. HJR-6 would stifle progressive business growth in Indiana, but more importantly, it reflects a tragic breach of human rights. The Indiana Constitution must promote and protect justice in human relationships, not codify discrimination.”


“To retain talent and attract new talent, it's incredibly important that we're a community that respects freedom, embraces differences and maintains a forward momentum. HJR-6 is at odds with this. I don't write this to argue the politics, ethics or morals of same-sex marriage. Rather, I write as a business owner who employees a dozen local residents and a community advocate who loves this city. One Lucky Guitar, Inc. and The Good Ones Clothing oppose HJR-6.”


“As filmmakers and communicators, everyone at Road Pictures understands the importance of keeping discrimination from being inserted into the Indiana constitution. Indiana's laws already disfavor our LGBT clients, vendors, friends and colleagues. We should continue the conversation about those laws, but that conversation shouldn't be in our Constitution. First things first: We must stop HJR-6.”


“Upland sells beer across the Midwest and has fans all over the country. We are proud of our Indiana heritage and believe our state’s brand could be an asset in growing the sales for all Indiana-based craft breweries. HJR-6 would create an unfortunate and unnecessary liability to the Indiana brand. But most importantly, we want our home state's culture to be based around decency, respect and common sense “Hoosiers helping Hoosiers” values. Let’s focus on building bridges among our fellow citizens rather than implementing symbolic fences to divide.”


“At Young & Laramore we have a national advertising agency, based in Indianapolis, that works hard every day to attract national clients and national-caliber talent to our shop. HJR-6 makes all of our efforts that much harder because it positions Indiana as an intolerant and unwelcoming place. Even if the measure is put on the ballot and defeated – which I fully expect it would be – the ongoing media attention on the issue is hurting Indiana businesses, it is hurting Y&L's business.”

Source: Freedom Indiana

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