Indianapolis-based Marsh Supermarkets is planning to close eight stores this month. The company says the decision is based on declining customer bases and some expiring leases. Marsh says it is the first step in a three-year plan to position the company for “growth and profitability.” January 9, 2014

News Release

Marsh Supermarkets announced to employees this morning that eight stores will be closing before the end of the month. Declining customer bases and –in some cases-expiring leases were the major factors in the decision.

Customers have spoken and we are reacting to the realities of the markets and making difficult decisions to address the long-term health of the company.

This action is the first part of a three-year plan we are implementing this year to position Marsh Supermarkets for growth and profitability. More specifically, we will be implementing a major capital program to bring all stores under the Marsh Brand, update and remodel existing stores and seek opportunities to build new stores in new or existing markets.

We are working with the employees affected by this decision. Wherever possible, we will place them in another position within the company. If that is not possible, they will have a severance package.

Affected Stores:

Muncie – West Bethel and South Madison

Indianapolis – Lafayette Road and Thompson/Emerson



Speedway – Crawfordsville Road

Franklin, OhioSource: Marsh Supermarkets

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