The Indiana Manufacturers Association has selected Andrew Berger to lead its governmental affairs and tax policy advocacy. Berger comes to the IMA after serving as the director of governmental affairs and general counsel for the Association of Indiana Counties. November 4, 2014

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana Manufacturers Association (IMA), the statewide association representing nearly 1,400 manufacturing members in Indiana, announced that Andrew Berger has been selected to lead the association’s governmental affairs and tax policy advocacy.

Patrick J. Kiely, President of the IMA, stated, “The Indiana Manufacturers Association has been effectively representing the manufacturing community’s interests since it was formed in 1901. That long history of advocacy has resulted in creating a nationally recognized business climate that has successfully led Indiana to become the most manufacturing-intensive state in America.” He further added, “We are pleased that Andrew Berger will be joining the IMA as the association’s Vice President of Governmental Affairs and Tax Policy and will continue our long history of business advocacy and political action. Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge of the legislative process, a history of experience with legislative leaders, as well as a strong legal background.”

Mr. Berger comes to the IMA after serving, since 2007, as the Director of Governmental Affairs and General Counsel for the Association of Indiana Counties. In addition, he has experience working with the Indiana Senate, Lt. Governor’s office, and the Indiana State Budget Agency. Berger is a Cum Laude graduate of Hanover College and the Indiana University School of Law.

Andrew Berger stated, “I look forward to working with the IMA Board of Directors, members and staff in advancing the interests of Indiana’s dominant business sector-manufacturing.”

Mr. Andrew Berger will begin his new position with the IMA on December 1, 2014.

Source: Indiana Manufacturers Association

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