Indianapolis-based Legacy Travel Club has named Frederick Ropkey chief executive officer. He previously served as president of Ropkey Graphics and co-founded the Ropkey Armor Museum in Crawfordsville.

March 27, 2015

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. — Founder and President of Legacy Travel Club, Chris Allen has

announced the hiring of their Chief Executive Officer, Frederick N. Ropkey of Indianapolis. Mr. Ropkey, “Rick”, 59, assumes the position of CEO, joining Legacy Travel Club and their former ATA Airline employees in their efforts to return an Indianapolis-based air operator to the region.

“Rick is a staunch believer in the value Legacy brings to Indianapolis,” said Allen, who has spearheaded the startup effort to date. “This is a fantastic day in the journey to bring back a beloved chapter in Indianapolis history.” Allen added.

Legacy Travel Club is an Indianapolis startup positioned to bring back the “travel club” model to generations of Indianapolis natives, who crave direct flights to hard to reach destinations not currently served by commercial carriers that serve the area.

“We are focusing on a niche market that's been proven to work for almost 40 years under George's vision.” added Ropkey, citing the success of Indianapolis' aviation entrepreneur George Mikelsons, who started American Trans Air in 1973 with one aircraft—and eventually grew into the nation's tenth largest carrier. “We're following the trail blazed by George and ATA,” said Ropkey. “I'm thrilled to be a part of this exciting venture that will mean so much to Indianapolis and the Louisville market,” he added.

As Legacy positions itself to serve both the Indianapolis and Louisville markets in tandem, an announcement of a long-term partnership with an existing air operator will soon be shared with the public.

Ropkey and Allen point to the reliability and dependability of an air charter as being vital for air travel in today's market. Legacy will be meeting with their investors in late April to finalize financing, and full-time operations are set to commence within 6 to 9 months.

“Flying should be enjoyed, not endured.” Ropkey remarked, noting that flying

commercially can bring about many unpleasant experiences. “Legacy brings back the fun to what flying used to be,” he said, citing a cabin with spacious leg room and a no “nickel and dime” business model that members will find a refreshing alternative. “It's first class flying without the first class price.” Legacy Travel Club will be serving leisure destinations to the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Florida and California from Indianapolis and Louisville.

Ropkey is a lifelong resident of Indianapolis who co-founded the Ropkey Armor Museum in Crawfordsville, IN with his father Fred N. Ropkey. He is a graduate of DePauw University, and was previously the President of Ropkey Graphics. While with Ropkey Graphics he worked his clients included Disney World, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Rolls Royce, and Thomson Electronics among others. After his 40 year career at Ropkey Graphics, a 113 year old family business, he decided to shift his focus and energy to his lifelong passion for aviation. As a private pilot for over 40 years, Rick brings unique knowledge and experience to Legacy Travel Club.

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Source: Legacy Travel Club

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