Brownsburg and Hendricks County economic development leaders have launched a campaign branding the town “The Innovation Zone.” Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz hopes the effort will attract companies in “highly-technical” sectors including Internet technology and life sciences.

March 4, 2014

News release

Brownsburg, Ind. — Over the past decade, innovative companies at the threshold of significant growth have decided to locate in and around Brownsburg, Indiana, drawn by the business resources, access to Central Indiana, and superior quality of life.

Now Brownsburg and Hendricks County economic development leaders hope to use that success to attract similar companies. Brownsburg Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz has announced the launch of a campaign focused on the town's reputation as an innovation center and labeling the town as “The Innovation Zone.”

“The name reflects more of a general description of our area, rather than a particular geographic boundary,” Kleinhenz explained. “Companies that are focused on innovation and new ideas have found fertile ground in Brownsburg, and we would like to encourage even more of them to locate here.”

Kleinhenz says that the marketing effort will focus on companies that are currently in business incubators or similar start-up spaces and that need additional space and resources to foster the next stage of growth. “We're particularly interested in companies in highly technical sectors, such as medical device developers, bio/pharma firms, internet technology companies, research and development centers, and other areas of life science,” he added.

“The 91 percent of Hendricks County’s businesses with fewer than 10 employees account for 46 percent of jobs in the county,” noted Hendricks County Economic Development Executive Director Cinda Kelley-Hutchings. “In addition, companies with between 10 and 100 employees are responsible for nearly half of all local jobs. That’s why helping entrepreneurs and small, growing companies is one of our primary objectives, and why we're excited to work with Brownsburg on this effort to create high-paying local jobs.”

Brownsburg offers many aspects that are extremely attractive to growing businesses, such as a top-notch education and a great quality of life. In addition to a highly skilled workforce, the community is close to the research and innovation resources of Purdue, Indiana University, IUPUI, Rose-Hulman, and other leading universities. “The quality of life in Brownsburg also appeals to company leaders,” Kleinhenz added. “They want to work in a community that’s also a great place to live and raise a family, with safe neighborhoods and top-quality schools.”

The multi-channel promotional effort draws upon the economic development expertise of Brand Acceleration, a branding and marketing communications agency that works with communities and economic development organizations throughout the U.S. In addition to the “Innovation Zone” website (, the campaign will also include email marketing and other highly focused tactics.

“Brand Acceleration has done an excellent job of capturing what makes Brownsburg appealing and presenting it in a way that will connect with the types of businesses we want,” said Kleinhenz.

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