Indiana's technology initiative is looking to attract tech professionals who are visiting for the holidays. TechPoint's second IndyXmas event next month in Indianapolis is designed to give former Hoosiers “a taste of what they missed” while working out-of-state. Chief Executive Officer Mike Langellier says the effort is part of the “XPat” initiative, which targets 24-40 year-old professionals with computer, executive, marketing and startup skills. He says IndyXmas will also spotlight the activities and amenities Indianapolis has to offer residents.

November 25, 2014

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. — Fast-growing tech companies in Indiana need to fill hundreds of open jobs in software development, design, product management, dev ops, technical consulting and sales and marketing. In partnership with employers and community organizations, TechPoint will again showcase Indianapolis' tech and startup community, and companies and jobs, at the second annual TechPoint IndyXmas event.

The event is part of TechPoint's Xpat initiative, a program targeting 24-40 year old expatriates and out-of-towners with computer-related, executive, sales, marketing and start-up leadership skills. IndyXmas is specifically designed to give former Hoosiers a taste of what they have missed while building their careers out-of-state.

“We are still hearing great stories about people who left the state to pursue their careers but after attending the IndyXmas event last year made connections to jobs or to people who helped bring them back to Indiana,” said Mike Langellier, president and CEO of TechPoint. “When a tech community grows as rapidly as Indy's has in the past six or so years, adding thousands of jobs and yielding $4.5 billion in IPOs and acquisitions, there are lots of opportunities which are created, opportunities that people living out-of-town won't know about unless they experience it. For people looking for those kinds of career opportunities, coupled with a Midwest lifestyle, Indy is the place to be.”

One of those people is the new Vice President of Marketing for One Click Ventures Marty Brown, who through last year's IndyXmas event, made some of those connections that led him to move his family to Indiana from New York, where he was working for Zynga. “There are so many people in town during the holidays and this is a fun, no-pressure way to get connected to the tech scene,” said Brown. “Since moving here, I have been impressed by the startup community and am an even bigger fan of downtown.”

“Marty is the perfect example — a Wabash College grad, who married his high school sweetheart, moved away, and now moved back to Indy to make a bigger impact in a smaller company and to start a family,” said Langellier. “The IndyXmas event enabled him to reconnect with what was going on in the tech scene, and in return, Indiana has regained a top talent.”

This year's IndyXmas event is on December 27 at the Speak Easy and DeveloperTown at 5255 Winthrop Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. (Broad Ripple). The event will showcase what activities and amenities Indianapolis has to offer, the tech companies that are in the area, and the jobs that are available, combined with blues and bourbon. To find out how to get tickets, visit

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