The Department of Metropolitan Development in Indianapolis is seeking redevelopment and management ideas for a nearly 100-year-old landmark. The Indiana Theatre Building is owned by the city and home to the Indiana Repertory Theatre and the Indiana Roof Ballroom. February 10, 2015

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – To ensure a sustainable use for the City-owned Indiana Theatre Building at 140 West Washington Street, the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) is seeking innovative ideas for the use, management and redevelopment of the facility.

DMD hopes to receive ideas and information from a broad range of experts with experience in the management and repurposing of such facilities and is issuing a Request for Information (RFI). The RFI will seek creative solutions that can be used in a plan, including the existing uses by the Indiana Repertory Theatre and the Indiana Roof Ballroom.

“We need to find a way to protect and sustain this nearly century old landmark,” said DMD Director Adam Thies. “This opportunity will promote short and long term job creation and allow the theatre to continue contributing to the overall collaborative spirit of Downtown Indianapolis.”

“The IRT's relationship to the Indiana Theatre now constitutes over 35 years of loving care and art making in this historic landmark building,” said IRT Executive Artistic Director Janet Allen. “Many Hoosiers' first experience of live theatre happened here, as we have served over one million children and two million adults during that time. As the City re-examines its relationship to our building, we are pleased that it recognizes the value of keeping the IRT in its long-time home for many years to come, as we strive together to create a sustainable future for the Indiana Theatre.”

Each party interested in this opportunity will be asked to submit a brief response which would include a strategic approach to partner with the City to meet goals, recommendations on the use and redevelopment of the property, experience in similar ventures and explanation of how the plan would provide added value and benefits to the City.

Complete details can be found in the RFI at this link on the DMD’s main webpage:

Source: The City of Indianapolis

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