The Indiana Department of Transportation says the Hoosier State Line will continue a month longer than previously announced. The Indianapolis-to-Chicago rail service was set to be cut April 1. INDOT said new Federal Railroad Administration regulations made it infeasible for the state to continue, but the FRA's acting administrator says she will reconsider the agency's position. March 13, 2015

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Amtrak Hoosier State service between Indianapolis and Chicago will continue through the end of April. The announcement follows a Federal Railroad Administration phone call with INDOT Commissioner Karl Browning, during which Acting Administrator Sarah Feinberg committed to reconsider the position that would force the Hoosier State service to end.

“It is not clear that the FRA will change its mind,” Browning said. “Because Ms. Feinberg committed to reviewing this, we want to give the FRA another opportunity to consider the problems Indiana has been airing.”

For the past year, INDOT has been working to improve the Hoosier State service on behalf of the state and communities with stops along the Hoosier State line. Recently, INDOT has been making progress in negotiating long-term agreements with two experienced passenger rail providers, Amtrak and Iowa Pacific Holdings.

Under the proposed service, Amtrak would serve as the primary operator, working with host railroads, providing train and engine crews, and managing reservation and ticketing. Iowa Pacific would provide the train equipment, train maintenance, on-board services and marketing.

About the Hoosier State

The four-days-weekly Hoosier State (Trains 850 & 851) and the three-days-weekly Amtrak Cardinal (Trains 50 & 51) together provide daily service between Indianapolis and Chicago and enable passengers to reach the national Amtrak network.

Tickets are available at, 800-USA-RAIL and other sales channels, including Amtrak mobile apps. Adult fares range from $24 to $48 each way and are subject to discounts and Amtrak Guest Rewards points. For more information, visit

Source: The Indiana Department of Transportation

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