Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson have reached an agreement involving reducing the use of foreign oil. The collaboration involves sharing data and development information on the transition of fleet vehicles to alternative sources. May 21, 2014

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Mayor Greg Ballard (R – Indianapolis) and Mayor Kevin Johnson (D – Sacramento) today closed the 2014 Electric Drive Transportation Association annual meeting in Indianapolis by signing an agreement pledging to work together to reduce the use of foreign oil. Mayor Ballard in 2012 signed an Executive Order mandating Indy's municipal fleet be powered by post-oil technology by 2025. The agreement with Mayor Johnson partners the two cities to share information about their fleet transitions, best practices and promote the use and development of post-oil vehicles and technology.

“Our nation's security and economic vitality is threatened by foreign interests who control the price and access to oil,” said Mayor Ballard. “Light transportation consumes about 40 percent of our oil; I am hoping Indy and Sacramento can lead the way, encouraging other cities, states, and companies to take similar action, thereby releasing the chokehold oil plays in our foreign policy.”

Indianapolis, under Mayor Ballard, is already making gains in the conversion of its fleet. Last year the City switched fuel for its heavy-duty trucks, such as snow plows and trash, to domestically produced B-20 biodiesel. Last month the City took delivery of the first plug-in hybrid sedans in its “freedom fleet.” These sedans are currently being tested in a variety of government agencies. Another 50 vehicles will arrive later this summer with the goal of transitioning all 425 non-police pursuit sedans to plug-in by the end of 2015. It is estimated that each vehicle in the “freedom fleet” will save Indianapolis taxpayers $8,000 – $10,000 in total cost over the lifespan of the vehicle.

Mayors Ballard and Johnson signed their agreement on the last day of the Electric Drive Transportation (EDTA) Association annual meeting in Indianapolis. This year marks the first time in nearly a decade the EDTA met outside of Washington, DC. Delegates and visitors spent three days in Indy discussing key policy initiatives and strategy for increasing the use of electric vehicles and test driving more than a dozen electric vehicles currently on the market. EDTA also announced today its 2015 meeting will be held in Sacramento.

Mayor Ballard has written and spoken extensively about the impact of foreign oil on US national security. You can read his white paper and other documents related to the fleet transition, including the agreement with Sacramento, at

Source: The Office of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard

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