Indiana technology appears to have played a key role in a historic race in Colorado. The Lightning SuperBike, which has a battery pack from Indianapolis-based EnerDel Inc., zipped past gas-powered bikes to win the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb late last month. EnerDel says it's the first time the bike overtook traditional powered motorcycles in a major sporting event. July 16, 2013

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GREENFIELD, Ind. – For the first time ever at a major sporting event, the electric motorcycle the Lightning SuperBike – electrified by an EnerDel battery pack – overtook the gas powered bikes to win the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb at Colorado Springs, Colo.

This isn’t your typical electric vehicle. Powered by solar energy – via a SMA inverter and Trina panels – that is then electrified by an EnerDel battery pack, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle packs enough punch to not only overpower the gas powered bikes and win the Pikes Peak race but it also beat the previous electric motorcycle record.

“EnerDel is excited to show the capabilities of electrified vehicles and how they can be paired with other green energy sources, such as solar power, to create something as powerful at the Lightning SuperBike,” said David Roberts, CEO of EnerDel. “The dominance over the gas powered machines shown at Pikes Peak confirms that clean technologies can deliver superior, world-class performance. We look forward to being a part of the future of transportation powered by clean technologies.”

“This technology will drive the future of racing. When it comes to the development of electric racing, we are still in the infancy stages and we are already breaking records,” said Richard Hatfield, Founder and CEO of Lightning Motorsports. “We always knew what we had in the performance of our electric bikes, but it takes time for the world to comprehend and accept a huge change like this. Working with EnerDel and other clean technology industry leaders offers us the opportunity to show the world what a top rider can do with a super-powered electrified bike.” explained Richard Hatfield, Founder and CEO of Lightning Motorcyles.

Want a peek at the Lightning SuperBike electrified by EnerDel? They will be competing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the Red Bull Indianapolis GP in August.


About EnerDel

EnerDel, Inc. is a privately-held company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. It manufactures advanced lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems for electric utility, transportation and industrial applications. The company’s prismatic cell design and modular stacking architecture combine to provide customers with production-ready solutions that address their power and energy storage needs. EnerDel’s unique Guaranteed Residual Value (GRV) program offers customers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over the system’s life. For additional information, visit

About Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycle has been involved in researching and manufacturing electric two wheeled transportations (E2W). Lightning builds the fastest production motorcycle in the world, won many road racing competitions and set several world speed records. Lightning’s solutions have been used in various applications, from fuel cell hybrid electric buses, hybrid cars, electric motorcycle, electric ATV, electric yard trucks for ferrying shipping containers, professional ocean racing sailboat and many other areas. Our mission is to build 2 wheel electric transportation (E2W) that has superior efficiency, performance, and affordability than current gasoline alternatives.Source: EnerDel Inc.

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