Russiaville-based Functional Devices Inc. is planning to consolidate production operations to neighboring Tipton County. The move is expected to involve up to 100 jobs at the electronics manufacturer's Sharpsville facility and the addition of a $750,000 warehouse. July 1, 2014

News Release

SHARPSVILLE, Ind. – The Tipton County Economic Development Organization (TCEDO) is pleased to announce that Functional Devices, Inc. is moving their production operations to Tipton County. The move will bring 75-100 new jobs to Tipton County.

The company will also be constructing a new $750,000 warehouse as a part of the project. The company corporate headquarters which included some production as well as shipping was already located at 101 Commerce Drive, Sharpsville, IN. Functional Device was founded in 1969 and manufactures electronic products. “We were looking for a place to continue to grow our company and Tipton County was the perfect location for us” Ken Rittmann, Chairman.

“We are pleased to make this announcement of new jobs to Tipton County and look forward to continuing to work to make Tipton County a place that supports growing businesses.” Mike Harlowe, Chairman TCEDO.

Source: Tipton County Economic Development Organization

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