The Indiana House Republican Caucus has unveiled changes to a proposed two-year budget. House Ways and Means Committee Chair Timothy Brown (R-41) says the $31.3 billion plan includes nearly $470 million in “new dollars” for K-12 education. Governor Mike Pence initially called for a $200 million increase in K-12 funding.

One of Pence's major pushes has been to fund a statewide regional cities initiative. The amendments maintain the approximately $84 million the governor requested.

The amendments also include some money for Indiana University, the University of Southern Indiana and Ivy Tech Community College for the proposed downtown Evansville Medical Campus.

It would also transfer $200 million each year into the Major Moves 2020 fund for infrastructure projects throughout the state.

Additionally, the proposed changes include setting aside some money that could be spent on funding the Hoosier State Line.

You can view the full bill by clicking here and the proposed House GOP amendments by clicking here.

Sources: Inside INdiana Business, The Indiana House Republican Caucus

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