More than 30 Indiana schools will share approximately $26 million in federal School Improvement Grants. The funds are designed to boost low-performing schools. July 18, 2013

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Glenda Ritz, Indiana's Superintendent of Public Instruction, awarded federal School Improvement Grants for several Indiana schools today. School Improvement Grants are awarded to assist low-performing schools to improve performance in all areas. The total amount awarded to Indiana schools is over $26 million. These grants are fully funded by the federal government.

“I am honored to award these grants today,” said Glenda Ritz, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. “I am strongly committed to providing much needed resources for low-performing school in our state. In addition to these grants, the Department of Education is committed to providing outreach to all schools, and partnering with community leaders throughout Indiana to ensure that Hoosiers students receive the equitable and high quality education they deserve.

The School Improvement Grants that were announced today were what are commonly referred to at 1003(a) and 1003(g) grants. The 1003(a) recipients are:

Edison Learning Theodore Roosevelt Career and Tech Academy: $1,474,000.00

Arlington High School: $1,402,000.00

Thomas Carr Howe Community High School: $1,329,000.00

Emma Donnan Middle School: $1,329,000.00

Emmerich Manual High School: $1,329,000.00

Glenwood Leadership Academy: $505,000.00

John Marshall Community High School: $505,000.00

Lincoln School: $250,000.00

Dunbar Pulaski Middle School: $250,000.00

Longfellow Magnet Middle School: $250,000.00

McGary Middle School: $125,000.00

Lew Wallace STEM Academy: $125,000.00

Caze Elementary School: $60,000.00

Watson Academy: $60,000.00

West Side Leadership Academy: $60,000.00

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School: $60,000.00

Options Charter School Noblesville: $55,000.00

Jennings County Middle School: $50,000.00

The 1003(g) recipients are:

Raymond Brandes Elementary School #65: $1,288,489.87 (Grant Year 1)

Allen Elementary School: $675,473.00 (Grant Year 1)

Dr. Bernard C. Watson Academy for Boys: $1,797,979.00 (Grant Year 2)

Broad Ripple Magnet: $1,028,089.00 (Grant Year 2)

Dickinson Fine Arts Academy: $1,345,655.00 (Grant Year 2)

McGary Middle School: $1,088,516.02 (Grant Year 2)

Fountain Square Academy Charter: $1,122,446.67 (Grant Year 2)

21st Century Charter of Gary: $1,254,134.00 (Grant Year 2)

Lew Wallace High School (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academy: $1,999,993.33 (Grant Year 3)

Bailly Preparatory Academy: $1,767,448.00 (Grant Year 3)

H.L. Harshman Middle School: $1,755,349.00 (Grant Year 3)

Evans Elementary School: $1,999,570.42 (Grant Year 3)

Source: The Office of The Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction

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