A Michigan City-based hemp production company is bolstering its operations with an expansion of its current plant. Viobin says the $6.1 million investment will grow its hemp drying, feed production and processing capabilities. The project is expected to add 15 jobs.

Viobin says it is also planning to add new equipment to the facility, including a hemp dryer, screen, pelletizer and hammermill.

“Our team is ready to take the next step toward developing our strong base here in the city,” said Bill Streeter, vice president of corporate finance at Panhandle Milling, Viobin’s parent company. “With our expansion, we are carrying on the tradition of manufacturing our products to the highest standards. By having top-notch extractions, final products are at optimum quality for consumers.”

The company, which began operations at the plant in 2019, processes industrial hemp into cannabidiol or CBD for use in lotions, isolates and oils. The company was one of the first in Indiana to receive an industrial hemp research license.

“Having a base for a sprouting industry right here in Michigan City is a tremendous opportunity,” said Economic Development Corporation Michigan City Executive Director Clarence Hulse. “We look forward to continuing to work with a company that is on the ground level of hemp production here in Indiana.”

The Michigan City Common Council approved a five-year tax abatement on the project.

Viobin is under the Denver-based PHM Brands umbrella, which includes a variety of companies that focus on agricultural specialty products.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved commercial hemp production in Indiana in October.