The city of Greenwood has released its first Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Mayor Mark Myers set the goal to create and publish the report as a way to provide transparency of the city's finances. You can view the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report by clicking here.

July 9, 2014

News Release

Greenwood, Ind. — A significant milestone was reached as part of Mayor Mark W. Myers goal of providing enhanced transparency and accountability to the City finances, Greenwood released its first Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2013. The CAFR contains the City’s complete financial statements, as well as other financial and statistical information to provide a more in depth and sophisticated report. It also contains information about the local economy, the structure of the City government, the City’s financial policies, and significant City projects.

In addition to releasing the financial report to the Government Finance Officers Association, it will also be shared with the City Council, Board of Public Works and Safety Members, City Departments, current and prospective debt holders and reporting agencies.

“I am very excited to release the first CAFR for the City of Greenwood. I firmly believe the enhanced financial reporting that’s available with a CAFR will allow Greenwood to secure better bond ratings in the future, promote economic development, and provide the highest level of financial reporting to stakeholders of the City. I want to thank key staff of the Finance Department for their hard work in completing this financial report. Their efforts have helped the City implement over sixty-five Governmental Account Standards Board pronouncements for fiscal year 2013. This detailed and thorough financial report would not be possible without the skills, passion, and dedication of those individuals,” said City Controller, Adam Stone.

Source: The City of Greenwood

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