Governor Mike Pence has accepted a study group's recommendations that could help shape the future of the state's transportation infrastructure. The panel says adding travel lanes to Indiana's busiest interstates would have significant statewide impact. You can view the Blue Ribbon Pannel’s full report by clicking here.

July 9, 2014

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. — Governor Mike Pence today accepted a report from the Blue Ribbon Panel on Transportation Infrastructure detailing recommendations for Indiana’s next generation of transportation infrastructure, including water, air, road, and rail.

The panel, co-chaired by Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann and Cathy Langham, President and CEO of Langham Logistics, offered 25 recommendations related to priority projects, transportation funding, policy changes, and strategies to prepare Indiana for future innovations.

“I want to thank each of the members of the Blue Ribbon Panel for their extensive research and collaboration over the past year,” said Governor Pence. “The panel’s work has recognized several opportunities for the state to build on, and I hope that many of these ideas will encourage a broader conversation on the future of transportation infrastructure in this state.”

The Governor will engage relevant state agencies, including the Department of Transportation and the Ports of Indiana, in evaluating the recommendations of the panel.

The report fulfills the Governor’s Roadmap promise to appoint a blue ribbon panel to plan the next generation of Hoosier infrastructure.

Source: Office of Indiana Governor Mike Pence

July 9, 2014

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. — Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar on the release of the report from the state’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Transportation Infrastructure:

“The recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Transportation Infrastructure are an important first step. The group has identified priority projects and clearly defined the funding challenges. Equally important will be the work called for in HEA 1104 (2014), legislation outlining an Indiana Department of Transportation study of financing alternatives that will help meet future funding needs.

“In addition, it’s time for Washington to get its act together and assure that federal funding shortfalls are addressed. Some states are already cutting back on important projects in fear of Highway Trust Fund deficiencies as soon as August 1. What is truly needed – instead of short-term, crisis-avoiding extensions – is a multi-year renewal of the federal transportation plan.

“Superior infrastructure is one of the four drivers of the Indiana Chamber-led Indiana Vision 2025 ( and strong transportation via road, rail, air and water is critical to our state’s economic future.”

Source: Indiana Chamber of Commerce

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