The 2014 South Shore Air Show has been canceled before getting off the ground at its new venue. Organizers blame cancellation of the three-day air event on flooded parking and viewing areas. The inaugural show at Fair Oaks Farms was scheduled to take off July 11.

June 25, 2014

News Release

Fair Oaks, Ind. — Fair Oaks Farms and the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority announced the cancellation of the 2014 South Shore Air Show during a press conference hosted at Fair Oaks Farms on Wednesday, June 25.

“It is with much regret that Fair Oaks Farms and the South Shore CVA must cancel the air show due to a force majeure event that neither Fair Oaks Farms nor the South Shore CVA could have prevented, or can be resolved,” explained both Gary Corbett, CEO of Fair Oaks Farms, and Speros A. Batistatos, president and CEO of the South Shore CVA.

According to Corbett the farm has withstood an unforeseeable amount of rainfall, more than 5.6 inches in the last week, 10 inches in the last 30 days and more expected in coming days, which has caused widespread flooding. Corbett explained that without the guarantee of the weather conditions needed to allow the land to dry, it is unlikely the flooding would evaporate in time for the event.

“Because of the large amount of rain, we lost any area we had to park the 50,000 to 60,000 attendees expected to attend the air show each day,” stated Batistatos. “With only two weeks left before the event, our organizations’ options were very limited.”

Batistatos and Corbett explained that while the organizations explored countless options, all scenarios posed an undesirable situation for attendees and did not present the South Shore CVA, Fair Oaks Farms and the emerging Newton County brands in the way the market has come to expect.

“Our organizations have worked hard the past nine months to present an exhilarating air show for attendees,” said Batistatos. “But because of the challenges presented by the unreasonable amount of rain, we know the event would not come close to meeting the expectations of everyone involved – the South Shore CVA and Fair Oaks Farms staffs, air show performers and our attendees.”

Though the South Shore Air Show has been canceled, the South Shore Regional Car Show will still be presented at Fair Oaks Farms on Thursday, July 10.

“We will continue to seek ways to promote the region and highlight the many assets we have,” said Batistatos. “The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority remains dedicated to bringing visitors to our area to enjoy the countless businesses, restaurants, attractions, events and hotels available to travelers.”

For information on the South Shore Regional Car Show or other family-friendly events and attractions available along the South Shore, visit For questions regarding the cancellation of the South Shore Air Show, contact Jed Stockton, communications director for Fair Oaks Farms, by calling 219-394-2025 or Nicki Mackowski-Gladstone, VP & chief communications officer for the South Shore CVA, by calling 219-989-7770.

Source: South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority

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