The owner of Fort Wayne-based Sweetwater Sound has made a major investment into an eye care provider in the city. Longe Optical says Chuck Surack's infusion of nearly $1 million is funding an all-digital optical lab.

November 14, 2013

News Release

Fort Wayne, Ind. — Local entrepreneur Chuck Surack is not shy about investing in Fort Wayne. The owner of Sweetwater Sound and several other local businesses, including Longe Optical, Surack recently made an investment of nearly one million dollars to bring the very first all-digital optical lab to the Fort Wayne area, along with other customer-centric improvements.

According to Surack, “I heard about the new digital lenses and wanted a pair for myself. When I tried them, it was like the difference in clarity between a standard definition and high definition TV. But no one was making them locally, and so I knew that building this lab at Longe Optical was the right thing to do for the community.”

Surack is committed to the concept. Longe Optical has converted each of its four retail locations to provide all digital lenses. Says Surack, “I can't imagine why anyone would want anything else, especially since digital costs no more than traditional lenses.” The innovative technology expands the field of vision up to 50%, giving the wearer edge-to-edge clarity and virtually removing unwanted distortion. Traditional lenses limit the field of vision to the center of the lens, with the focus of objects located outside the center being less sharp than objects viewed through the center. The resulting improvement in vision with digital lenses provides a larger field of vision and brighter colors, along with a choice of lighter, thinner lenses.

Longe Optical was founded in 1949, and brought new production techniques to the Fort Wayne eye care market from the start. The company has remained committed to providing on-site lab services, great doctors, and personalized service to the Fort Wayne community.

Source: Sweetwater Sound

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