An automotive engineering firm has located to the Purdue Research Park in Indianapolis. VAP Systems LLC, which eventually plans to employ 20 workers, develops technology for light and heavy-duty vehicles and serves as a strategic consultant to suppliers and manufacturers. July 21, 2014

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Commercial vehicle OEMs, automobile manufacturers, tier-one suppliers and smaller companies that develop engines, transmissions and hybrid systems, as well as fleet managers who want to understand and improve fuel efficiency, could benefit from an engineering firm that has become a tenant in the Purdue Research Park.

VAP Systems LLC develops powertrain controls for light- and heavy-duty vehicles and provides strategic consulting on powertrain products.

President John Kresse said VAP Systems is experienced in spark-ignited natural gas systems, clutch-to-clutch automatic transmissions, simulation, fuel economy improvement through improved engine-transmission integration and advanced diesel engine controls.

“We work with vehicle and engine manufacturers to meet regulatory and customer expectations for fuel economy, including a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions,” he said. “We understand controls are a key part of meeting these needs by allowing advanced engines and transmission and hybrid systems to be deployed. We have a track record of solving problems and are experts in what we do.”

Kresse said VAP Systems analyzes clients' engines, transmissions and hybrid systems to understand their requirements, and then implements controls to ensure the overall system accomplishes its objectives.

“My colleagues and I understand and have expertise in all phases of the controls development process, including defining and understanding customer requirements, providing detailed implementation, and testing,” he said.

Kresse said VAP Systems became a Purdue Research Park tenant for several reasons.

“It offers flexibility and excellent services in an exceptional atmosphere in the Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis,” he said. “VAP Systems also benefits from the Purdue name and professional environment.”

About VAP Systems LLC

We are powertrain control experts that focus on practical, yet robust solutions. We have a great deal of experience in taking powertrain products (engines, transmission, and hybrid systems) from design to production. For more information, visit

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