Elkhart-based FlexForm Technologies is planning to acquire production operations in Asia. The company says it has formed a subsidiary to manage manufacturing in two South Korean cities. December 9, 2014

News Release

ELKHART, Ind. – FlexForm Technologies – the world's foremost manufacturer of advanced natural fiber composite materials – has announced the formation of FlexForm Korea Ltd. for the acquisition and operation of factories and production lines in Jeonju City and in Cheonan, South Korea. At the start of 2015, FlexForm Korea will commence manufacturing the full range of FlexForm products.

“Each of our products can now be developed, produced and delivered from multiple locations worldwide, which provides our customers with greater flexibility, speed and reliability,” said John Hearne, Chairman of FlexForm Technologies.

The factories and production lines were acquired from the hardboard operations of companies that manufactured various composite materials for the automotive industry. Under FlexForm, they will be used for applications not only in the automotive industry but also in other industries as well, such as workspace panels, furniture and structural components.

The acquisition was led by Warren Chang, Chairman of FlexForm Korea, who stated, “We have developed a variety of new and surprising applications for our world class materials and we are very excited about the role these factories and lines will play in supplying them.”

Operations in Korea will be managed by Chan Hwan Park, CEO of FlexForm Korea. North American operations of FlexForm Technologies will continue to be managed by Gregg Baumbaugh, CEO of FlexForm Technologies.

About FlexForm Products

FlexForm develops, manufactures and distributes environmentally friendly composite materials using customizable blends of sustainable natural fibers (such as kenaf, jute and hemp) and fiberized thermoplastic polymers to create materials that are moldable, strong, lightweight, shatter resistant, appealing in look and feel, noise reducing, recyclable and cost effective.

FlexForm materials provide moldable substrates for numerous important applications, such as interior panels, load floors and underbody shields for cars and trucks, workspace panels and furnishings for offices and homes, containers for shipping and storage, structural support for agricultural seedlings, and many other applications. For automotive applications, FlexForm materials reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption, and increase safety by their resistance to shattering on impact. They provide a luxurious look-and-feel and quiet ride for drivers and passengers to enjoy.

FlexForm holds an ISO/TS16949 2009 registration for its excellence in quality manufacturing and service.

For more information, visit http://www.flexformtech.com/ .

Source: FlexForm Technologies

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