The Dubois Strong Enterprise Loan Program has about $120,000 to lend. The goal of the public-private partnership is to help create and grow business in Dubois County.

May 6, 2015

News Release

The Dubois Strong Enterprise Loan Fund is a program designed to support both retention and expansion of existing business as well as creation of new business opportunities in Dubois County.

The Enterprise Loan Fund (ELF) works with local financial institutions to combine resources in assisting the funding needs of new and existing businesses. The fund currently has approximately $120,000 available to lend.

Eligibility for this loan program is based upon location within the geographical boundaries of Dubois County, Indiana. Loans are targeted to industrial and commercial business organizations where the potential for job creation and retention is determined to be most feasible.

The primary goals of the Dubois Strong Enterprise Loan Fund will be to help foster the creation of new business start-ups, business retention/expansion and capital formation.

Dubois Strong is a non-profit public/private partnership established to provide leadership that fosters economic growth. It is our mission to drive the retention and expansion of existing local business while attracting new employers and supporting entrepreneurs, thereby strengthening the county’s competitive position and generating prosperity for all Dubois County residents. For loan planning resources, contact the Dubois Strong office at 812.482.9650 or or visit

Source: Dubois Strong

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