A University of Indianapolis marketing professor says the recent performances of the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts promote the state's capital as a “big-time city.” Larry DeGaris says the Pacers' success last season and fast start this year help “complete the rebranding” of the team since the infamous brawl in 2004. In a Studio(i) interview, DeGaris says both teams have created a civic pride, which results in what he calls “psychic income” for the city. DeGaris says while the core of any sports brand is performance, events such as the Indianapolis 500, NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl “continue to solidify” Indianapolis as a major sports city.

The Pacers host the Toronto Raptors Friday night. The Colts host the St. Louis Rams Sunday afternoon.

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Sources: University of Indinapolis, Inside INdiana Business, ESPN

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