Fortville-based CarSnoop has added Scott Jones to its board of directors. Also, Shawn Schwegman has been named an advisory member. Jones and Schwegman are both entrepreneurs who have had extensive careers in the technology and startup sector.

Jones has had a long-term career in early stage technology. He created and/or co-founded the world’s largest voicemail provider, the world’s largest music and video database company (Gracenote, now a division of Nielsen), one of the world’s most innovative autonomous robotic vehicle products and the first successful virtual assistant. More recently, Jones established software development and cybersecurity full-immersion training programs at Eleven Fifty Academy.

In Schwegman’s role as a member of the advisory team, he will focus on marketing, technology and scalability forecasts. He is co-founder and chief strategy officer of DemandJump. Prior to that, Schwegman founded and served as chief executive officer of SAS Technology. He has also served as chief executive officer of Gusto, chief marketing officer at ChaCha and chief technology officer and vice president of marketing for

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