Despite a Sunday alcohol sales bill dying once again in the Indiana General Assembly, Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar believes the issue will return next session. He says the proposal was “hijacked” by opponents, who added restrictions that he says made it “consumer unfriendly.” Brinegar believes Sunday sales could be in Indiana's future, saying “momentum is building” among consumers and legislators to eliminate the state's 80-year-old ban. Brinegar analyzed the legislative session at its halfway point during an interview to air this weekend on Inside INdiana Business Television. Bill author Tom Dermondy (R-20) pulled the proposal earlier this week because he said there were not enough votes to pass it. The bill was amended to add restrictions, including a requirement for grocery stores and pharmacies to to sell alcohol in designated locations and keep liquor behind the counter.

This year's session marks the farthest legislation to eliminate the ban has advanced. Indiana is the only remaining state that doesn't allow Sunday sales.

Brinegar believes “Hoosier consumers are the losers” of the bill's death.

You can view the full bill by clicking here.

Source: Inside INdiana Business

February 24, 2015

Statement From Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers Chief Executive Officer Patrick Tamm

Big Box retailers today killed their own initiative to advance Sunday alcohol sales – an about face after more than a decade of lobbying via out-of-state money and interests.

Instead of training clerks, hiring employees who are 21 (the legal drinking age in Indiana), and confining products to a specific area of the store – simple enough policy changes – they decided to scuttle the entire bill with exaggerated claims.

We know now the real agenda is that Big Box wants absolutely no restrictions placed on the sale of alcohol, which is a regulated and potentially dangerous product. And we believe lawmakers understood that in last week’s vote when they defeated Big Box attempts to strip common sense provisions from the bill.

NO state in the nation allows alcohol to be sold without controls in place to effectively balance community welfare and health. No state. And it seems rather than work toward a sound policy, Big Box retailers would rather sell alcohol like milk, peanut butter, and candy.

Common sense Hoosiers know alcohol can't be compared to any of the above.

Source: Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers

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