The city-county council in Indianapolis will vote Monday night on a resolution calling on the Indiana General Assembly to reject a proposed state constitutional amendment to define marriage. Mayor Greg Ballard is supporting the resolution, saying there is already a state law in place and he doesn't see “the overriding government interest” in making such a change to the Indiana constitution. November 11, 2013

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS – Mayor Greg Ballard today added his name to a proposed bi-partisan City-County Council Resolution urging the Indiana General Assembly to reject House Joint Resolution 6, the same-sex marriage amendment.

In signing this resolution, that will be voted upon by the City-County Council on Monday, November 11, 2013, Mayor Ballard joins a growing list of Indy business, civic, cultural, faith-based and political leaders opposed to altering Indiana’s Constitution to define marriage.

“I understand that many people hold differing views on this subject, but Indiana law already defines marriage and I don’t see the overriding government interest in adding such an amendment to our state’s constitution,” said Mayor Ballard. “Indy is renowned for its ‘Hoosier hospitality’ and working hard to attract new jobs and people to our city. My hope is that we can continue to work together and focus on those things that make Indy a place where people want to live, work and raise a family.”

City-County Resolution 354, 2013 is co-sponsored by: Councillors Barth, Mansfield, Hunter and Adamson.Source: Office of the Indianapolis Mayor

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