A global manufacturer has announced an expansion in Wells County. TI Automotive plans to invest $10 million into new equipment and could create more than 70 jobs at its Ossian operation. November 25, 2014

News Release

OSSIAN, Ind. – TI Automotive in Ossian, Ind. announced today they will invest $10 million into their Wells County manufacturing facility in the form of new process equipment. This expansion, in response to additional customer requests, is expected to be completed in 2015 and will add at least 70 new jobs. The facility currently employs 150.

TI Automotive will be accepting applications through Northeast Indiana Works, formerly Work One, and are expecting to partner with this agency in a series of job fairs in the Wells County area.

“TI Automotive is a great part of the Wells County community and we look forward to their future success and growth,” stated Brad Pursley, Ossian Town Council President. “Seventy percent or more of our new industrial expansion in Wells County will come from those businesses already calling Wells County their home. Helping these community members in ways including tax abatements, workforce development programs, and logistical support is our contribution to the great work these people do.”

“It's a great day to be in Wells County,” claimed Wells Economic Development Director Tim Ehlerding, “with this announcement by one of our great community partners, Wells County industries have announced over 350 new jobs in 2014. Our workforce has grown by over 550 people in the past year, and our unemployment is one of the lowest in the state.”

“Yet at 4.2 percent unemployment, this still means nearly 600 Wells County residents aren't working… this isn't good enough,” Ehlerding continued.

TI Automotive's Ossian facility develops and manufactures innovative, award-winning fuel tank systems for diesel, gasoline and flex-fuel applications. TI Automotive fuel tanks improve fuel system performance and are engineered for a wide range of packaging options, reduced evaporative emissions and low weight.

Source: Wells Economic Development

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